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2 years ago

Stay Away From Diseases - Acquire Appropriate Amount Of Vitamin D3

Stay Away From Diseases - Acquire Appropriate Amount Of Vitamin D3

Human body comprises of a number of nutrients that helps it in its proper functioning. There are 13 vitamins present in our body and each vitamin is responsible for performing a particular task. Vitamin D is the best vitamin meant for the finest skin health as well as the appropriate functioning of the digestive and immune system. The deficiency of Vitamin D leads to a number of diseases like cancer, heart problems, asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. So, an individual must take a balanced diet so as to fulfil the nutritional requirements of his / her body.


Types of Vitamin D

There are two types of vitamins that cannot be interchanged. They are Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. If one of them is taken in place of the other would affect your health badly. The doctors prescribe vitamin D3 made from plant matter and irradiating fungus. The Vitamin D3 is produced by your body in response to the exposure of your body into the sunlight. According to Vitamin D Council, it has been stated that the Vitamin D3 is much more superior then Vitamin D2. Also, it has been seen in the papers that the doctors also prefer usage of Vitamin D3 unless Vitamin D2.


Vitamin D3 Sources

Apart from an intake of balanced diet, there are various Vitamin D3 supplements available either in the market or online. The important thing to consider is that not all food products provide enough vitamin content to your body. The Vitamin D3 can be acquired from various animal based products. The various sources of Vitamin D3 include:

a. Fish, such as salmon, tuna, etc.

b. Raw milk

c. Egg yolk and many more.


If body requirements for the vitamins are not being fulfilled through natural sources and food options, it becomes imperative to consume Vitamin3 supplements after consulting a physician. This way, people can enjoy excellent health benefits.

2 years ago

Did You Know About Vitamin D Benefits For Men?

Commonly called as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is made by the skin upon exposure to sunlight. This means that sunshine can be counted as the best source of Vitamin D. Foods such as eggs; fish, cod liver oil and fortified milk are other great sources to obtain this vitamin. However, to make sure your body receives enough of this, Vitamin D supplements, constitute convenient source of Vitamin D.


Although, beneficial for everybody, Vitamin D offers special benefits for men. Some of these include –


1. Boosts Mental Ability

Vitamin D serves to improve the mental ability in men. With the growing age, the cognitive functioning of the brain is affected negatively in men and researchers have linked this to Vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, it is important for men to focus on the best source of Vitamin D to make sure they get enough of this vitamin.


2. Weight Loss

According to the report generated by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vitamin D can help men lose abdominal fat, thereby preventing excessive weight gain. Taking recommended doses of this sunshine vitamin from any suitable source of Vitamin D can help increase the leptin levels, which alerts the body to stop eating.


3. Improves Reproduction Function 

Vitamin D helps improve the reproductive function in men. This is mainly because an increase in Vitamin D levels in the body directly increases the levels of testosterone in the body. Increased testosterone levels boost the masculinity, which positively affects the sex drive in men.


4. Hair Growth

Generally, men tend to lose hair with the growing age, a phenomenon commonly called as balding. Hair Loss Research has recently reported that Vitamin D may play a crucial role in preventing hair loss in men. It helps in maintaining healthy hair follicle, which will make sure that the hair remains healthy and strong. This means taking Vitamin D supplements can help you maintain healthy locks!